Midway Park Ride and Fly - MDW Airport

5200 W. 47th Street, Forest View, IL 60638 1.5 Miles from MDW
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5200 W. 47th Street, Forest View, IL 60638 Get Directions
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Open 24/7
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Midway Park Ride & Fly consistently ranks among the best parking options for Chicago’s second biggest airport among travelers. Situated on 47th Street, Forest View, the lot is extremely close to the Midway Airport. And they offer free shuttle rides to cover the 1.5-mile journey to the airport entrance curbside. Luggage assistance, pick-up and drop off at your car and other services available.

As it is open 24 hours, the parking lot is an excellent choice for all passengers, including those flying out at late hours. 

The parking lot uses spacious buses for their shuttle fleet. 

On a safety and security front, Midway Park scores high due to secure fencing and security cameras. 

The self-parking service available at this facility is hassle-free, extremely quick and streamlined.

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